Our cooperative company was born in Verona in 1952 on the initiative of a group of workers that developed an idea to form an association to better propose their interests in the fruit and vegetable market of that time.

After a few company transformations and 56 years of experience, the Società Cooperativa Facchini Multiservizi N.M.O. today has become a solid, dynamic and flexible reality in the service industry.

Our operational and registered offices are located within the Agroindustrial Centre of Verona and where the greater part of our work has developed. In the last ten years, we have pursued different objectives in various complementary production sectors, reaching the conclusion that the identity of our company finds its best expression in the supply of comprehensive professional services offered in the Agroindustry sector.

The continuous research for professionalism, technological renewal and the attention towards the requirements of our customers has allowed us to grow and develop both as a company and as workers by the improvement of the professional profile of our 250 partner workers.

We therefore offer our services to potential customers that want a reliable, precise and accurate partner to whom can be entrusted all the burdens of the logistics management of its activity.

Contact us for your requirements and you will have the possibility of testing our organization, our strategic localization relative to traffic flow, our operability 24 hours a day and our efficiency regarding unloading and loading times.